Zinn's first novel, Heart's Blood, won a Kirkus Star and was named one of 2012's top 100 Indie Books. It is a novel of place, and of the rich tapestry of rural life .  It is a story of secrets, both kept and revealed.  Heart’s Blood was a finalist in the Western Fiction Category of the 2012 International Book Awards; winner of Honorable Mention in the 2012 San Francisco Book Festival.


Dancer is a young woman’s bildungsroman, a story of place and time, betrayal and love, kindness and cruelty, and the complexities of human feelings.  In its short story form, Dancer won an Honorable Mention in Glimmertrain’s 2010 Short Story Award for New Writers competition, placing it in the top 5% of over a thousand other works.   


Elizabeth Zinn
Author of novels and short stories set mainly in the southwest, Elizabeth Zinn writes of ordinary people in unusual situations.   Her writing conjures up the vastness and beauty of the American west, and the many human dramas played out against a backdrop of ever-changing landscapes.  The language is simple and direct,  inviting the reader into a world rich in colorful characters and out-of-the way places.  In a starred review, Kirkus writes, "The author’s love for Arizona is immersed in her lyrical writing, as the impact of environment on family is threaded wonderfully into various plotlines...Zinn’s characterization is purposeful, deep and rich..."

The posh Michigan lifestyle was not always the best of "the good old days".  The Happiness Lottery  tells a story of a very different reality behind the glitz and glamour.  Beginning with a horrific accident,  it chronicles the  struggle of one family to overcome the inherited tragedies and disfunction handed down through three generations.